Monday, 1 February 2016

Dirty Grandpa: In Cinema!

Another much anticipated film which probably isn't doing so well after its release, like Ride Along 2, is probably Dirty Grandpa. Starring Zac Efron, Robert DeNiro, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Pally, Zoey Deutch and others the film is about a very strict lawyer, Jason Kelly, (played by Zac  Efron) who is about to get married to his boss' daughter (Julianne Hough). At his grandmother's funeral, his grandfather, Dick (played by Robert DeNiro) asks him to drive him home to Florida.

On the journey they end up going to Daytona Beach, Florida while also meeting old classmates of Jason, Shadia and Lenore and Bradley. Through their time at Daytona many incidents occur such as drugs, jail time and various encounters with a gang which is continuously beaten off by Dick. Furthermore, with Dick putting himself back 'out there' and flirting with any girls around, there are many incidents caused. The film depicts the relationship between Jason and his grandfather which is not so close in the beginning but gets very strong by the end of the film.

Check out the trailer...

Personally, I thought the film would be great since it would be the kind of funny film which had a deeper meaning that meant a lot to the viewers. But now, looking at the reviews, I think they might've put the pressure on the comedy in the film more than the actual deeper meaning that I was expecting. 

In the end, the pair are actually very close with Jason even breaks off his engagement to confess his feeling for Shadia. In the mid-credits it's shown that Dick and Lenore have a son, who is Jason's uncle, but Jason and Shadia are his godparents.


IMDb: 5.9/10
Metacritic: 18%
RottenTomatoes: 9%

As you can see the ratings are not very. So tell me in the comments how you felt about the film or follow me for more updates on films and TV shows too. 

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