Tuesday, 9 February 2016

New Jason Bourne Trailer released!

Even though the film has no name, the release date has been decided!

The new film was officially announced at the Superbowl two days ago and the trailer was released yesterday. Check it out below...

Directed by Paul Greengrass the film will be out in 29 July this year. It stars Matt Damon (as Jason Bourne obviously), Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons but new faces are also being introduced. Tommy Lee Jones is going to be Robert Dewey the CIA director while Alicia Vikander whose character is yet to be released will be a cyber technology operative and Vincent Cassel as well as others. 

The plot is yet to be released but in an interview Matt Damon stated that this film would answer the unanswered questions and "completes the journey" from the first three films in the franchise. The film started filming last year in areas like Berlin and as with the first films Matt Damon himself works in the fight scenes.

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