Saturday, 27 February 2016

Sneak Peak at Lucifer episode 6: 'Favorite Son'!

With Lucifer's sixth episode coming out this Monday on 29th February, FOX has released its episode promo trailer! Check it out below...

Initially, Lucifer is bored with his and Detective Decker's biker gang murder case. However, this soon changes as he convinces her to let him back onto the case!

As it turns out, in this episode, Lucifer has had something of great value stolen from him. As Maze emphasizes "THE container". It apparently has something which Lucifer wants back really badly as it was a gift from his father: God, so it is probably something very important. In the promo it seems as if it affects Maze too as she is off trying to get Lucifer back to Hell and seems to be helping him... even knocking out Detective Douche, as seen at the end!

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