Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Lucifer episode 11: Opposite day for the Devil means he's a Saint!

Firstly, I'm really pleased to announce to you guys that Lucifer has indeed been renewed for a second season by FOX! Woohooo!! Although the date is still pending, we can be sure that it will come out!

For those of you out there who don't know about this great TV show check out my previous blog post here! And don't go any further below than the trailer!


This episode certainly had some interesting things hidden in it. Lets start with the good side of Lucifer. He turned down drunk Detective Decker for a fun night under the covers! This was a giant surprise in itself since he's been trying to get in her pants since the last few episodes.

And then he made a promise to bring the murderer of a philanthropist to justice! Just when did the Devil start doing that? The only thing that I can think of is that the evil in Lucifer is somehow being transferred to Amenadiel since not only did Amenadiel send someone back to Earth from Hell to kill Lucifer, but he also slept with our favorite demon Maze!

But the BIGGEST bit of information is about Lucifer's mortality. When he was shot by the wife of the dead philanthropist he didn't die! Now that was surprising. He calmly got up and walked up to the stage (so like the Devil). But even more than that was the fact that he bled when he was with Detective Decker. So does that mean the the detective is the person who makes Lucifer mortal when he is around her? As she said to him, she feels vulnerable when she's with him, but Lucifer feels mortal when he's with her. I guess she's more important!!

Check out the promo trailer for Lucifer episode 12 below...

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Black Sails: End of season 3!

If you haven't seen Season 3 of Black Sails, I suggest not going nay further than the trailer below and coming back once you've caught up. You won't be disappointed since Black Sails is probably the best pirate TV show out there!

Since the war between England and Nassau has been raging, there have been many casualties! With Woodes Rodgers and Eleanor Guthrie in charge, Nassau succumbed to English rule. However, since Captain Flint and his crew fled to an island filled with slaves, there was less conflict during the middle of the season. Check out my last post of Season 3 here!

However, the writers made up for this lack of death by the last few episodes. The most prominent death was definitely of Captain Charles Vane. With his death, we can be certain that Captain Flint and Blackbeard will retaliate in the most destructive way they can. His lack of fear in the face of death showed the pirates in Nassau that the fire of rebellion was far from put out yet! Even Rackham swore vengeance against Eleanor Guthrie who definitely had a hand in the death of her former lover.

In the last episode, we saw the pirates and the English fighting on the pirate island. Flint, Rackham and John Silver buried the Spanish gold on what we can only assume would become to be known as treasure island. With their victory, Captain Flint killed Captain Hornigold, which was long overdue. 

In the final few minutes the episode showed the new pirate alliance of Blackbeard, Rackham, Flint, John Silver, Madi and Anne Bonny. We then heard Billy walking about how Nassau had been ruled by "madmen, rich men, tyrants, and now it is time for a king!" We can see that he was talking about the people at the table: so does that mean Long John Silver will be the next king of Nassau?

 We can see that since, Vane is now gone, we will have Blackbeard in his stead. And since Blackbeard we can be sure that we will see the same crazy style of fighting as the totally awesome captain that we love. We will also be seeing the pirate queen Anne Bonny more in the next season! She's really been put through the ringer since the last two seasons so now it is time for her to come back!

Season 4 of Black Sails has been given the release date of January 2017! Be sure to comment your thoughts of the TV show though!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Arrow: Season 4's Major Death Revealed!

So if you guys haven't had a chance to catch up on the latest episodes of Arrow's season 4 then check out the trailer and be sure to come back once you have watched it all...

Ever since a flashback from Season 2 of Flash and the beginning of Season 4 of Arrow, we have been warned of someone very close to Oliver dying as we see the grave. In Season 4 episode 18 of Arrow, we finally found out who the person in the grave was. Since, Felicity was seen to be with Oliver in the flashback, the only two people left that it could've been were Laurel Lance and Thea.

And it was Laurel! As revenge for Detective Lance betraying him, Damien Darhk steals back the idol which grants him power and kills Laurel. As it turns out, John Diggle's brother is indeed still a part of HIVE as he betrays the team. With his powers back Damien Darhk uses them to get one of Oliver's arrows and stab Laurel. We were slightly led to believe that she was going to survive when she became stable in the hospital. However, she suddenly died.

After Oliver and Felicity's break up, Olicity was over so I was almost hoping for Oliver and Lauren to get back together since in Oliver's flashbacks it seems that a picture of Laurel kept him going through the time he was marooned on the island. But Marc Guggenheim, Arrow's executive producer said to Collider:

"We told the Laurel-Oliver romance story in Season 1. We told that story, and we never really thought about going back to it. So, the ‘shipping' thing was not an element. It was not a factor for us."

But since no-one stays dead for long in the Flash and Arrow verse, we can be sure that we will see Laurel again. It may not be in Arrow, but since Katie Cassidy is playing a role later in Flash Season 2 as Earth 2 Laurel Lance and she is also going to have a role in Vixen Season 1 too. We can be sure that just because she is not in Arrow, that she is not completely out of the universe yet as there are the other DC verse shows too. Who knows, she may also appear in Legends of Tomorrow!

But currently in Arrow we know many tears will be shed in Laurel's funeral. I may even end up crying since it will definitely be extremely emotional. As found out there are chances of Nyssa's return too! I guess we'll have to see Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa finish off their fight once and for all.

Check out the next episode's PROMO trailer below! It'll come out on April 27!


Thursday, 7 April 2016

Supernatural Season 11: Will God be making an appearance?

There may be spoilers below so if you aren't up to date with Supernatural, it is recommend (by me!) that you catch up with current episodes. You have been warned! And you can also check out the season trailer...

Since the season is based on God's sister the Darkness, or Amara as she's known by to the brothers. No matter what the brothers do she has God level powers. When she was released by Dean having his curse mark removed from season 10. And as anyone who has been locked away by God since probably the beginning of time, or eons at the very least, Amara is out for revenge.

The biggest problem is her power. In my opinion, it seems very overpowering to put God's sister in the show if there isn't even anything strong enough to defeat her. All the angels in heaven attempted to smite her but failed. Even Lucifer attempted to use a Hand of God against her, which also failed. For this reason God must definitely appear in any way- even just a real dream to Sam not sent by Lucifer. TVline stated in one of their articles that Rob Benedict will appear again as Chuck, God's latest prophet.

The brothers therefore need Lucifer to be freed. Of course Lucifer, being the Devil and all, end up taking over Castiel and overthrowing Crowley as the king of hell, and deciding to annihilate the human race, as he does. So then they had to deal with both Amara and Lucifer. With an angry Crowley with them they have to take care of Lucifer before the Darkness but Amara ends up kidnapping Lucifer.

To further her ends Amara threatens to kill Lucifer, the first and probably favourite son of God. But will God show himself for the Devil? But maybe he's already helped out the Winchesters. In episode 17, 'Red Meat', Sam nearly dies or does he actually die and is there a greater power in action behind it all? TVline also stated that God would be focused upon more in the second half of the season as well as the effects of Death's death (that just sound weird but yeah!)

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Batman v Superman: "Dawn of Justice" or simply a dusk for the film?

The ratings, despite all the hype before the film's release, weren't too good.
7.3/10 : IMDb
29% : Rotten Tomatoes
44% : Metacritic

If you haven't seen the film yet, don't let this get you down about what you think about the film. Check out the trailer below and listen to what your friends have to say about it if they've seen it.

The reviews dropped considerably since the premiere on the 25th March. Its IMDb rating dropped from 9.4/10 to just 7.3/10 in the first week. But, just after its first week, it plummeted (faster that Superman). Its first week gross domestically was about $166 million, however after that week the gross dropped by over $100 million and became just $52 million. Now, I'm not saying that's not a big amount of money, but if you consider the fact that it was a 69% drop, it could be considered disastrous for the film. Some critics, such as Gitesh Pandya, think that the film may not even break the $1 billion mark worldwide considering the rate of decline.

However, many big hits have had large declines. Take Harry Potter for example, which had a 72% weekend decline. It still went to break the $1 billion mark for the film. Worldwide, the film is currently passing the $600 million break point to about $684 million. Now THIS is a big number. It could be thought that maybe it isn't too bad when we look at films such as The Dark Knight Rises which grossed around $1.1 billion worldwide or Iron Man 3 which grossed about a bit more that $1.2 billion.

What did you think of Batman VS Superman?

What we can be sure is that this film is certainly going to be leading into many different DC universe films. Wonder Woman is already on its way as well as the newest Flash film too. We definitely have those to look forward to!