Saturday, 9 April 2016

Black Sails: End of season 3!

If you haven't seen Season 3 of Black Sails, I suggest not going nay further than the trailer below and coming back once you've caught up. You won't be disappointed since Black Sails is probably the best pirate TV show out there!

Since the war between England and Nassau has been raging, there have been many casualties! With Woodes Rodgers and Eleanor Guthrie in charge, Nassau succumbed to English rule. However, since Captain Flint and his crew fled to an island filled with slaves, there was less conflict during the middle of the season. Check out my last post of Season 3 here!

However, the writers made up for this lack of death by the last few episodes. The most prominent death was definitely of Captain Charles Vane. With his death, we can be certain that Captain Flint and Blackbeard will retaliate in the most destructive way they can. His lack of fear in the face of death showed the pirates in Nassau that the fire of rebellion was far from put out yet! Even Rackham swore vengeance against Eleanor Guthrie who definitely had a hand in the death of her former lover.

In the last episode, we saw the pirates and the English fighting on the pirate island. Flint, Rackham and John Silver buried the Spanish gold on what we can only assume would become to be known as treasure island. With their victory, Captain Flint killed Captain Hornigold, which was long overdue. 

In the final few minutes the episode showed the new pirate alliance of Blackbeard, Rackham, Flint, John Silver, Madi and Anne Bonny. We then heard Billy walking about how Nassau had been ruled by "madmen, rich men, tyrants, and now it is time for a king!" We can see that he was talking about the people at the table: so does that mean Long John Silver will be the next king of Nassau?

 We can see that since, Vane is now gone, we will have Blackbeard in his stead. And since Blackbeard we can be sure that we will see the same crazy style of fighting as the totally awesome captain that we love. We will also be seeing the pirate queen Anne Bonny more in the next season! She's really been put through the ringer since the last two seasons so now it is time for her to come back!

Season 4 of Black Sails has been given the release date of January 2017! Be sure to comment your thoughts of the TV show though!

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