Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Just how funny is Sacha Baron Cohen? Ridiculously graphic 'Grimsby' teaser clip!

We all know that actors go and promote their films all over the world but this may just be one of the best teasers for a film that has ever been shown. Recently, on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Sacha showed a clip from his new film 'The Brothers Grimsby' that was SO graphic that it couldn't even be shown on broadcast.

Check it out...

Sacha also showed at the Jonathon Ross Show on which Stephen Fry said "I thought I was going to have an asthma attack!" After all, this is the clip that nearly gave the film an NC-17 rating but after talks it ended up being R-rated instead!

Apparently, the clip shows the brothers escaping by hiding inside an elephant. Unfortunately, the elephant begins to have sex with another elephant! So they attempt to speed up the process... successfully!

In some ways this kind of put me off watching the film. But then again, who can miss a film from the famous Dictator/ Borat/ Ali G. Just another release from one of the comedy kings. So I am totally looking forward to watching the film! Great marketing Sacha!

In case you didn't see my post with the real trailer for the film- click here

Be sure to tell me what your thoughts on the new film are below.

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