Sunday, 31 January 2016

DeLorean: Going back to the past!

The DeLorean may have only been in production for a short span of two years but those were so influential that they have decided to go back to them. Thanks to the change in US law the 1980s car will be placed back in production in 2017, with the gull-winged doors!

The car was immortalised by the movie franchise 'Back to the Future' in 1985 and is beginning to come back in a factory in Texas by the new DeLorean Motor Company. the new company does not have many links to the original one run by John DeLorean.

The design itself will be the exact same with improvements to the numerous parts (there are about 3,000 parts to be used) to make the new car more efficient and powerful. According to the company, there are currently only plans to make 300 of these cars and each will be about £65,000. Much to the  joy of hardcore 'Back to the Future' fans, the cars will be made from the parts that were used on the original DeLoreans when they went out of commission in 1983. 

With new and modernised parts and a stronger engine, with a larger amount of horsepower, fans can only dream of what the car will look like. The production has not yet started but the planning stages are well underway as the initiative has been trying to get through since 2008. 

We can only hope that the new cars have a fitted time machine and can also travel to the future! 

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