Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Black Sails: Season 3 so far!

It would be an understatement if I were to say that I was NOT expecting the plot twists that have happened in Black Sails so far. If you haven't seen the release of the new season be sure to check out my last post about #BlackSails here before going any further!


After the loss of his beloved in the last season, it seems that Captain Flint has nearly lost his mind. The only thing stopping him from insanity is probably John Silver. Through the first few episodes, they seem hostile towards each other however, when they are captured in a remote island they seem to get their relationship knitted while facing death. Long John Silver is finally realizing the effects of delving into the deep dark places inside Captain Flint to keep him on the edge.
Luckily he has Madi Scott on the island to keep him company. But will this relationship change into something more...?

And Flint's feud with Blackbeard. As he is one of the most feared pirates on the Seven Seas, it was my opinion that it would be best for Captain Flint and Captain Vane to keep in his good graces, however its just another day for them: fighting to the death in a gun-slinging duel! Charles Vane used to be Blackbeard's second hand man until he betrayed Blackbeard, and helped Eleanor throw him off the island to gain control of Nassau. But it appears he is willing to forgive that. But will he forgive this SECOND betrayal?

But after Eleanor's arrest, it appears the powerhouse of the British Empire is being seen through Woodes Rodgers. Woodes decides he needs Eleanor's help to take over And they end up being in control of Nassau with help of the allure of the universal pardon for all crimes. The last season ended with Captian Hornigold taking the pardon and becoming a pirate hunter for the Empire.

But I'm so happy that Rakham is still making a name for himself. He may not be as good at pirating as the others but if there's one thing that he has: it's guts and courage. His trick with his letter to Anne about not giving Woodes the half of the Spanish gold, which he and Anne Bonny stole, was something even I wasn't expecting. Since Woodes really needs the money, it seems that Rakham stopped Woodes' takeover of Nassau; a name making task. Well Done Rakham!

Now it's all up to Anne Bonny. She has Woodes on her back but she also has Charles Vane and Captain Flint who want the gold to fund their attack on Nassau! I guess we'll only find out in the next few episodes!

Be sure to check back for more updates!

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