Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Batman v Superman: "Dawn of Justice" or simply a dusk for the film?

The ratings, despite all the hype before the film's release, weren't too good.
7.3/10 : IMDb
29% : Rotten Tomatoes
44% : Metacritic

If you haven't seen the film yet, don't let this get you down about what you think about the film. Check out the trailer below and listen to what your friends have to say about it if they've seen it.

The reviews dropped considerably since the premiere on the 25th March. Its IMDb rating dropped from 9.4/10 to just 7.3/10 in the first week. But, just after its first week, it plummeted (faster that Superman). Its first week gross domestically was about $166 million, however after that week the gross dropped by over $100 million and became just $52 million. Now, I'm not saying that's not a big amount of money, but if you consider the fact that it was a 69% drop, it could be considered disastrous for the film. Some critics, such as Gitesh Pandya, think that the film may not even break the $1 billion mark worldwide considering the rate of decline.

However, many big hits have had large declines. Take Harry Potter for example, which had a 72% weekend decline. It still went to break the $1 billion mark for the film. Worldwide, the film is currently passing the $600 million break point to about $684 million. Now THIS is a big number. It could be thought that maybe it isn't too bad when we look at films such as The Dark Knight Rises which grossed around $1.1 billion worldwide or Iron Man 3 which grossed about a bit more that $1.2 billion.

What did you think of Batman VS Superman?

What we can be sure is that this film is certainly going to be leading into many different DC universe films. Wonder Woman is already on its way as well as the newest Flash film too. We definitely have those to look forward to!

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