Friday, 8 April 2016

Arrow: Season 4's Major Death Revealed!

So if you guys haven't had a chance to catch up on the latest episodes of Arrow's season 4 then check out the trailer and be sure to come back once you have watched it all...

Ever since a flashback from Season 2 of Flash and the beginning of Season 4 of Arrow, we have been warned of someone very close to Oliver dying as we see the grave. In Season 4 episode 18 of Arrow, we finally found out who the person in the grave was. Since, Felicity was seen to be with Oliver in the flashback, the only two people left that it could've been were Laurel Lance and Thea.

And it was Laurel! As revenge for Detective Lance betraying him, Damien Darhk steals back the idol which grants him power and kills Laurel. As it turns out, John Diggle's brother is indeed still a part of HIVE as he betrays the team. With his powers back Damien Darhk uses them to get one of Oliver's arrows and stab Laurel. We were slightly led to believe that she was going to survive when she became stable in the hospital. However, she suddenly died.

After Oliver and Felicity's break up, Olicity was over so I was almost hoping for Oliver and Lauren to get back together since in Oliver's flashbacks it seems that a picture of Laurel kept him going through the time he was marooned on the island. But Marc Guggenheim, Arrow's executive producer said to Collider:

"We told the Laurel-Oliver romance story in Season 1. We told that story, and we never really thought about going back to it. So, the ‘shipping' thing was not an element. It was not a factor for us."

But since no-one stays dead for long in the Flash and Arrow verse, we can be sure that we will see Laurel again. It may not be in Arrow, but since Katie Cassidy is playing a role later in Flash Season 2 as Earth 2 Laurel Lance and she is also going to have a role in Vixen Season 1 too. We can be sure that just because she is not in Arrow, that she is not completely out of the universe yet as there are the other DC verse shows too. Who knows, she may also appear in Legends of Tomorrow!

But currently in Arrow we know many tears will be shed in Laurel's funeral. I may even end up crying since it will definitely be extremely emotional. As found out there are chances of Nyssa's return too! I guess we'll have to see Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa finish off their fight once and for all.

Check out the next episode's PROMO trailer below! It'll come out on April 27!


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